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We are currently designing a new website for our 3 Step Get a Grip or (Better Grip) on Golf and Tennis Programs – Absolute beginners to players trying to break 100 or 90 in Golf, or 3.0 or 4.0 in Tennis.

Learn, Test and Enjoy the games of life at your pace, time and on YOUR level. Our 3 Step Programs cover the basics of Beginner to Intermediate, while our Private Lesson Packages cover the rest.

Customize your lessons with our semi-private (3-4) Golf Lessons or Private (1-2) Plans, and learn the game from Tee to Green or Baseline to Net – and back.  Check out a Get a Grip Package or talk to me about a private Get a Better Grip Plan.  Either way, I look forward to speaking with you and helping you Get a Grip on the Games of Life in 2017!

Since 2005, Play Golf and Tennis and trained over 3000 Golfers and Tennis Players, and is one of the best Golf and Tennis Academies in the World.

Contact Ron Carroll for more information.

ron@playgolfandtennis.com  |  773-592-6405

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