Get a Grip on the Games of Life - Golf and Tennis, or finally learn how to break 100 or 90 in Golf, or Reach 3.0 or 4.0 in Tennis. Get Game in 2019!

Get Golf Game!

Learn how to PLAY Golf or finally Break 100 or 90 with 'Get Golf Game' Clinics or Tee-to-Green Program. Details.

Get Tennis Game!

Learn to PLAY Tennis, get active or reach 4.0 with 'Get Tennis Game Clinics' or Baseline-to-Net Program. Details

Private Lessons

Join me for custom Private Golf or Tennis Lessons at Diversey Range, Robert Black G.C. or on the Court. Details

Baseball Golf-Tennis

Try Baseball, Football & Basketball Golf and Tennis Clinics & Events for Charity, Community and Commerce. Coming Soon

Reach 4.0

Get Tennis Game!

Fun, Simple, Proven and Result-oriented

Baseline-to-Net Program

Learn the game from scratch, get back into Tennis, improve your game or just get Tennis Fit. Either way, try a Semi-private Lesson (2-4 only) or take a series of Game Changing Private Lessons.

My 10 Step Tennis Program covers the game from baseline-to-net and covers all aspects of the Game of Life, such as being Tennis Ready, Footwork, Grips, Forehands, Backhands, Volleys, Slice shots and much more!

Learn Tennis the easy and fun way with Yoga, Pilates and Zen Tennis Drills, memorable phrases such as "what time is it," and a custom-result oriented instructor that actually cares about your success, whether you are a absolute beginner or league competitor.

Look out of our NEW Baseball, Football and Basketball Tennis Breaking 4.0 Clinics and extremely fun Challenges, Leagues and Tournaments for Charity coming soon!

Break 90

Get Golf Game!

Fun, Simple, Proven and Result-oriented

Tee-to-Green Program

Learn the Game of Life from scratch or how to finally break 100 or 90 with my Breaking 100 Clinics, Baseball Golf Clinics, fun and game or, my Private 10 Step Tee-to-green Program. Get a grip on your Driver Game, Long Game, Approach Game, Short Game, Putting and much more!

Try Yoga, Pilates and Zen Golf and remember phrases such as "1-2-3 and Drop it like it's hot" to see immediate results and eliminate the two biggest culprits of a bad shot, mind and muscle.

Ron Carroll


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Ron studied Psychology at Loyola University Chicago, spent over 15 years in Corporate America as an Network Engineer, Manager and Marketer, launched a dozen different businesses (CNN Money), and has helped thousands of businesses, golfers, tennis players and home owners Get a Grip on the basics of life over the past 30 years.

Get a Grip America was launched in 2006, thanks to the The Redeye, and by the end of 2007, Play Golf and Tennis had over 150 students, and focused on helping Young Professionals, Women and Minorities Get a Grip on the Games of Life. Click here to view Ron's Resume, and please check out Ron's Youtube Video Testimonials & Tips, Yelp, Google, Groupon, and other online reviews.

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