Why Play Golf and Tennis?

Play Golf and Tennis offers Get a Grip on Golf and Get a Grip on Tennis Clinics, Clubs, Group Lessons, Playing Lessons, Baseball Golf Competitions and more.

Whether you are trying to learn how to play golf or tennis or, are trying to break 100 or 90 in Golf, or 3.0 or 4.0 in Tennis, this is where the Gripping Process Starts. Got Game? Bring it, or Get Game Here!

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What are "Get a Grip Golf and Tennis Clinics?"
CLINICS are 1.5-2 Hours, and run from Mid May to Mid September.

Our Get a Grip on Golf Clinics are a breath of fresh air to the traditional way of learning or improving your game. Since time is always a problem, our clinics were designed to give you a burst of new energy and skills or, give you an Beginner Golf Class.

Learn the Basics - Grip, setup, ball position and golf swings (V, U & W or, Wedge to Driver), The Short Game (Pitch, Chip and Bump-n-runs) and Putting. We can also fix your slice or any other aspect or your game in the process and help you play more consistently, improve your ball striking, increase distance - effortlessly and show you how to break 100 or 90.

You can take an ALL GOLF Clinic at Diversey Driving Range, A SHORT GAME Clinic at Robert Black Golf Course or learn how to actually play the game with our 4-HOLE PLAYING LESSON, and play the other 5 holes out at Robert Black Golf Course. Playing lessons count as 2 clinics for non-members.

Our Get a Grip on Tennis Clinics also take a detour from the norm by reducing class size to 2 to 4 per court\class, so you play at all times. Secondly, we golf over the Basics - footwork, forehand, backhand and serve, and

The SKILLS BUILDING portion of the Clinic will focus on different types of shots from the baseline (block, half-volley, slice, drop shot, lob shot, cross court shots, runners, etc.), as well as the Approach game skills and shots (strategy, volley shots, split step drills), and net play.

Our Tennis Classes also include great music and for the most part, PLAYING LESSONS, Challenges and on-court coaching to ensure that you get better. Occasional Member only classes are video taped so members can watch themselves play online to better understand the instruction and where they stand as a player.


Call for a CUSTOMIZED Group Lessons (Private Clubs),
Golf Camps for Kids (4 or more) or Private LessonS.
773-592-6405 or email Ron ( ron@playgolfandtennis.com ).

What are "Get a Grip on Golf or Get a Grip on Tennis" Club Memberships?
Our Get a Grip on Golf Program spans over two years or seasons and actually walks you through out 10 step program for either golf or tennis. We teach you all the aspects of actually learning he games of life and\or improving your game - from tee to green or baseline to net. We spend half of our time working on the basics and the other half playing golf and tennis either on the court or out at Robert Black Golf Course.

The important aspect of our 10 Step programs is that they focus on actually playing the game better, being a bit competitive and instead of practice, practice, practice, we play and have more fun. Withstanding, we offer video analysis and can not only customize a class, but members can also progress at their pace and come out when they can.

Do you offer Private lessons or Private Group Lessons for more then 1 person?
Yes. We offer customized private lessons as well as private group lesson up to 8 at a time. Monday evenings are great, but we can customize a class for you. We also create a customized agenda and create a micro website for you group with pictures, video, playing tips, etc. We can do this for golf or tennis.
Do you offer Corporate Golf Clinics or Private Group Lessons?
Yes. That is our specialty.

Our CORPORATE GOLF CLINICS can be customized and done in-house, at Diversey Driving Range or Robert Black Golf Course. We also have a fun, team-building Baseball Golf Short Game Clinic and Challenges option for prizes that is a hit with everyone.

Our clients include Mayor Brown Women's Corporate Golf Club (Legal Eagles), Deloitte Intern Corporate Golf Clinic and Challenge and many others.

We can conduct a Corporate Clinic at anytime, anywhere and the average client costs around $995 for up to 40 people. We also make sure that our events are educational, fun and engaging and provide a post-clinic micro-site with video, pictures, tips and more. Friday's are always a great day for a Golf Clinic.

We also offer PRIVATE LESSONS AND PRIVATE GROUP lessons, so if you have 3 or more people who would like to take a a few classes and go out and play 9 holes, we can customize a program for your group with no problem. Anything you can think of, we can do, from providing a great educational experience, food, entertainment and much more. Just ask.

Monday evenings and weekends are a great time to have on-going classes, but we are flexible. Great for a Company Golf Club, Women Only Golf Club, Kids Golf Camp (during the day\week only) and more.
How do I redeem a voucher (Groupon, etc.) and what if they are expired?
If you have a half off deal (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) Gift Card or are a Raffle winner, GET STARTED here: Click here to view on online clinics and redeem a voucher via our meetup group.

If your voucher has expired, it is still worth it's weight in gold for up to 5 years (per the gift card law), and can be applied toward a Trial or Associate Membership. We will work with you - no problem.
Do you teach Children or offer Golf or Tennis Camps?

IN GOLF, yes, but only for small, private groups of kids - up to 8. If you have a small group of kids that you would like to bring out for a summer golf camp at Diversey Range and Robert Black Golf Course, please contact Ron. I will customize a class and agenda for up to one week of lessons.

We also offer you a private micro-page, videos and pictures that you can access. We also give you the media on DVD as well. Lastly, we create an agenda so you know in advance what to expect and create fun competitions, teams and give away trophies at the end. I will make sure that they learn A LOT, have fun and are safe at all times.

The children should also have a set of Golf Clubs so they can practice between lessons. We will create a 10 step program with homework, teams and more.

IN TENNIS, Yes, but only Tennis Camps only during the week\day at Hamlin Park, and only if the children have tennis rackets. I can help you if you need me to assist regarding what to buy, etc. The rackets are relatively cheap - $20 or so.

I will provide the appropriate types of golf balls, but keep in mind that smaller children will hit a nerf ball and not a real tennis ball.

The goal is to ensure that they learn a LOT, have fun, team-up and compete while remaining safe. We will create a 10 step program with homework, teams and more.

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