has played Golf and Tennis for over 30 Years and trained more then 3000 students since 2005.

Break 100 Clinics

Learn how to actually PLAY Golf and\or improve your skills to break 100 or 90 Details.

Playing Lessons

Join us at Robert Black GC for skills-building Golf Clinics and 9 Hole Playing Lessons. Details.

Tennis Lessons

Try a private or semi-private skills-building Tennis Clinic with Video Playing Lessons. Details

Charity Events

Join us for fun Baseball Golf & Tennis events for Charity, Community and Commerce. Details

Reach 4.0

Get Tennis Game!

Proven and Result-oriented

Baseline to Net Program

Learn all aspects of the game.. Learn the Forehand, Backhand, Footwork, How to Rally and Baseline Shots & Game, Approach, Net, Service and other GAMES of Tennis. Semi-private Group Lessons are Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Each class is 1.5 hours long.

Classes are designed for absolute beginners and players between 2.5 and 4 plus. Email Ron for Private Lesson or Check out and RSVP online for Semi-private Group Lessons.

Private lessons are custom with video, homework and an adjustable plan to improve your game. Group practice and more! Join us for Private Lesson or Semi-private lessons with 2-4 players only. Great for beginners, returning players, couples and overall fitness. Details

Break 100

Get Golf Game!

Proven and Result-oriented

Tee to Green Program

Learn how to actually Play Golf or finally break 100 or 90. Join us for How to Break 100 Golf Clinics at Diversey Driving Range and Robert Black. Great for all levels, couples and small groups seeking custom, Private Lessons.

Learn all aspects of the Game...Driver, Tee, Long, Approach, Short, Putting, Bad Lies, and other GAMES of Golf. Includes video, home-work, Private Lessons, Clinics and 9 Playing Lessons. Details

Ron Carroll


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Ron studied Psychology at Loyola University Chicago, spent over 15 years in Corporate America as an Network Engineer, Manager and Marketer, launched a dozen different businesses (CNN Money), and has helped thousands of businesses, golfers, tennis players and home owners Get a Grip on the basics of life over the past 30 years.

Get a Grip America was launched in 2006, thanks to the The Redeye, and by the end of 2007, Play Golf and Tennis had over 150 students, and focused on helping Young Professionals, Women and Minorities Get a Grip on the Games of Life. Click here to view Ron's Resume, and please check out Ron's Youtube Video Testimonials & Tips, Yelp, Google, Groupon, and other online reviews.

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