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Championships and Leagues start in 2017

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Baseball Golf!

BASEBALL GOLF is a fun and easy way to learn the skills of golf in a fun and energetic environment. Baseball Golf is also great for team-building, kids and groups, and covers putting, pitch, chip and approach shots at a driving range. Baseball Golf Challenges are typically preceded by an express clinic with practice time. Baseball Golf can be used as just clinics, clinics and fun, team challenges, express tournaments and with league play. And yes, scoring is the same as real baseball, singles, doubles, triples, home runs and grand slams, but done in a fun, educational and competitive environment. We also play Football and Basketball Golf, and how to videos will be available here. For more details, click here.


Baseball Tennis!

Baseball Tennis is a great way to learn the game of life in a fun and team-oriented environment. It is also great for skills building classes, kids, tournament play, leagues and much more. Baseball Tennis also focuses on key aspects of the game, such as serve and return, baseline shots, the approach game, net game, footwork and defense, but scores out like a real baseball game, with singles, doubles, triples, home runs and grand slams. You can also play Basketball and Football Tennis using the same scoring format, rules and regulations. The goal is to make the game more team-oriented in a social, educational and competitive environment.