Join us and learn how to actually PLAY Golf or, finally Get Golf Game and learn how to Break 100 or 90!

Long Game

Golf Basics, The Swing, Driver Game, Tee Game, Woods, Hybrids, Long Irons..

Approach Game

Par 3's Tee Game, Approach Shots, Targeting, Trajectory Control, 150 yards in..

Short Game

Pitching Game, Chip Shots, Bump-n-runs, Low and High Trajectories and more..

Game Changers

Learn the Putting Game, Rough, Sand, Uneven Lies, routines, Strategy and more..

Clinics & Playing Lessons

Breaking 100 Game Changing Clinics -

Join me at Diversey Driving Range for Tee to Green Demos and supervised video practice on The Driver, Long Clubs, Approach Game (65-205), Short Game (Pitch, Chip and Bump-n-runs), Putting, Routines, Tempo and much more...following by a fun, team-based game of Baseball Golf Games to test your newly found skills with supervision. $49 or 2 for $75

Express Clinics and 9 Hole Playing Lessons -

Join us at Robert Black Golf Course for express Clinics with supervised practice on Approach, Pitching, Sand, Chipping, Bunp-n-runs and Putting, followed by a 9 hole Playing Lesson. Learn the rules of golf, etiquette, keeping score, routines, strategy and\or FINALLY Break 100 or 90! - $249 or 2 for $395

Baseball Golf Clinics and Challenges

As about my Baseball Golf Express Clinics, Challenges,and Team-Building Fun and Games. Great for Private Groups, Corporations, Leagues or Charitable Events. You can also play Football and Basketball Golf Games. Call

Private Lessons

You cannot learn how to PLAY at a Driving Range or with Group Golf Lessons, so Get Golf Game!

To learn how to actually play golf, you will need to take custom private lessons and spend most of your lesson on a Golf Course with REAL grass. Learn the 10 Games of Golf that cover Tee-to-Green - $125 per or 3 for $295!.

My TEE TO GREEN PROGRAM is great for absolute beginners or Golfers trying to Break 100 or 90 because it covers all aspects of the game in a fun, easy and methodical manner that will yield immediate results. - Program is $495!
Play Golf and Tennis Team Building-100

Golf Gallery

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Video Reviews 100

Video Reviews

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Chicago DIY Learning Center (Play Golf and Tennis) Par 3-5 Strategy-100

Golf Strategy

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Golf Tips

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Ron Carroll


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Play Golf Chicago was launched in 2006, thanks to the The Redeye, and by the end of 2007, Play Golf and Tennis had over 150 students, and focused on helping Young Professionals, Women and Minorities Get a Grip on the Games of Life. Click here to check Ron's Resume, and please check out Ron's Youtube Video Testimonials & Tips, Yelp, Google, Groupon, and other online reviews.

Since 2005, Ron has trained over 3000 Golfers and Tennis players and has helps hundreds of players finally break 100 in Golf or reach 3.0+ in Tennis because he believes in fun, exciting, methodical and result-oriented lessons plans that are guaranteed
to improve students'games..