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Program Details

My programs are designed for business professionals who really want to learn how to PLAY Golf and\or Tennis. My 3 step programs scheduling is flexible, affordable, effective, fun, easy and can be customized. For both Golf and Tennis, we have classes, clinics, challenges and playing lessons. My programs are also great for couples at different playing levels, span over 2 seasons and consist of either private or semi-private group lessons only. Check out Yoga Golf and Tennis, Pilates Golf and Tennis and Zen Golf and Tennis, Tempo Golf and Tennis and more. Call for private lessons. For semi-private group classes and clinics, click here. For more details, click here.


Get a Grip on Golf

My Get a Grip on Golf Program consist of three steps. The Basics Game covers the golf grip, setup, ball positioning, targeting and how to hit every club in the bag. The Skills Game covers approach shots, the short game (pitch and chip) and putting. However, the most important aspect learning to play golf, so the Playing Game entails learning the rules, etiquette and more importantly, how to play golf strategically.

STUDENTS: Private lessons only = 1-2 Group Skills Clinics = 3-6; Golf 6-9 hole playing lessons =2-4 people.


Get a Grip on Tennis

Whether you are an absolute beginner or you are trying to break 4.0, get back into tennis or play more often, my Get a Grip on Tennis Program will help. Learn the basics, improve your footwork, power, shot selection and more. The three steps in tennis are baseline game, approach-net game and all court game, which all require power, control, changing pace, solid footwork and a variety of shot - 2 serves +, baseline shots, slice, lob, over head smash, drop, volley, half-volley, chipping and more.

STUDENTS: Group tennis lessons consist of 2-4 per court, with 2 courts and 2 playing levels (beginners and 2.5+). Private lessons are available.


Diversey Range

Click on picture to view full chart. This is an approximate chart based on where you are at the range. I will update in 2017.
Diversey Driving Range Distance Chart 2016 (RC) 653

Program Details

My program offers classes, skills building clinics, challenges and playing lessons. Attached is an example of what it entails to break 100 in Golf or 4.0 in Tennis. I customize each program to YOUR game and your needs. I track your progress, give you video analysis, home work and more.