Get a Grip on your Property by knowing the facts,
DiY the basics and better managing the results.

Manage Game

Property ownership requires seasonal maintenance of the water and heater systems, gutters, pipes and more.

Repair Game

Property ownership requires occasional basic repairs and upgrades of almost everything.

Renovate Game

Property ownership requires periodically performing partial
or complete room renovations.

Game Changers

Know the facts, DIY the Basics, maintain property and manage all projects, contractors and resources.


Get a Grip on Your Property

Make your Dreams Come True

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PLANNING AND RESEARCH Whether you are looking to repair, renovate or rehab a property,
do you homework. Research what you want, pricing and watch how-to videos so you KNOW the process and extraneous variable before deciding to DIY the project or hire contractors, and if
you need permits, get them because an inspector can save you problems and money down the line.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Once you understand HOW things are done, you can save money by doing your own demolition, purchasing your own materials and even doing the finishing touches yourself, and just having contractors do the hard stuff..

Call me if you are looking for consultation on a job, are looking to remodel and want a 3D design, need a Home Management Plan in Excel or are looking at a new project, problem or investment opportunity. Grab a Get a Grip Pass for a seminar or 45 minute phone consultation.

Top 10 Construction Facts

Notes, Tips and Advice:

1. Don't pay more than 50% up front
2. Create a contract with progress-to-pay
3. Know the facts and the process
4. Contractors charge 3-4X Costs
5. Save BIG by buying materials
6. DIY The Basics to save money
7. Monitor and Manage all work
8. Check references and work
9. IF permits are needed, get them
10. Bring in inspectors if necessary

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Ron Carroll


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Ron's first construction related job came between the 8th and 9th grade, where he was paid to paint the outside of his church. His second job was wheeling concrete on a construction job in High School, which led to other jobs, such as dry-walling, Electrical, flooring and plumbing and roofing (which was his last job in H.S. before heading to College).

During College, Ron worked for Edward Hines Lumber Company and often took side jobs to make ends meet (Walls, flooring, concrete, helping with rehabs of bathrooms, kitchens, basements and more. He currently consults, offers services to clients and purchases, rehabs and renovates property in Chicago, focusing on Pilsen, Lawndale and West Rogers Park.